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Great Augmented Reality will Customize Reality

We need to get ambitious not about adding to reality, but about taking away that which is superfluous.

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Hacking Conference Presentations with Augmented Reality

Academic meetings are changing, as groups such as “THATCamp” turn spectator events into participatory workshops.

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AR Training Recommendations

We recognized a need for recommendations for training the next generation of AR researchers and developers, and decided to respond.

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With this site I wanted to do something different

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At the Deer Sign

My address to the 2012 Faculty of Education Class

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College of Teachers Report

The 2011 Ontario College of Teachers Report and dismal job prospects

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Taking it to the next level

AR shouldn’t be lots of work for little reward. If AR is to grow, AR apps will have to be both captivating and easy to use

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“You’re teaching Grade 7 history?”

Stepping into my son’s Grade 7 history class

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Dispatches for Augmented Reality Event 2012

The Augmented Reality Event 2012 in Santa Clara

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Fish on DH

Stanley Fish feels left out

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