Brock University’s Vice-President of Research, Gary Libben, is pleased to announce the appointments of Joffre Mercier and Kevin Kee as the new associate vice-presidents of research.

Mercier is currently Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Mathematics and Science. He first joined Brock in 1988 as a sessional instructor from his post-doctoral position at the University of Toronto.

A biology professor, he has occupied a number of offices throughout the years, including chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, Director of the Centre for Neuroscience, and Interim Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science.

Kee is the Canada Research Chair in Digital Humanities, director of the Centre for Digital Humanities and associate professor in the Department of History and the Centre for Digital Humanities.

Kee came to Brock in 2005 from McGill University where he was assistant professor in the departments of History and Integrated Studies in Education, as well as Director of Undergraduate Programs for Integrated Studies. Before McGill, he was a director and project director at the National Film Board of Canada.

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